Whether you’re a teacher or not … a unique idea for a fall wedding is to tie in some back-to-school fun!

Red delicious:

Use apples in your centerpieces. One of our past September brides used apples and little tree branches for her centerpieces to not only save money on floral, but to bring in a totally unique and different aspect to her centerpieces.

After-school snack:

Provide chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or rice crispy treats with shots of cold milk for late night minis.  These were always an afterschool favorite at my house growing up!  It will be fun for your guests to reminisce as they enjoy these delicious treats!

Doodle Center:

Use crayons in little buckets as centerpieces with butcher paper on the tables.  These can be designated as kids tables, or in the bar area for adults to get creative!

Book Signing:

Bring your favorite book or books (one for the bride and one for the groom) to have your guests sign!  This is a non-traditional way of doing a guest book, but it makes it a bit more personal.