We’re craving one of the most popular trends in weddings … creative desserts!  When it comes to the cutting of the cake, many couples are opting to ditch tradition entirely or serve just a little tradition with a second more memorable and fun dessert.  Following are a few desserts that we offer at Loose Mansion that never fail to wow mansion guests!

Dessert Blog Post

Banana Split Bar:  Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream scooped to order and served with a variety of toppings.  Toppings include your favorite candy bar bits, hot fudge, caramel sauce, pineapple sauce, strawberries, toasted coconut, vanilla crème anglaise, fresh whipped cream, maraschino cherries, assorted chopped nuts, and our delicious waffle bowls.  What’s not to love?!

Flambé Station:  Watch our chefs put on a fiery show for your guests as they prepare Bananas Foster (with Myers Rum, brown sugar, and butter), Cherries Jubilee (with Bing cherries, cognac and orange juice), or Georgia peach (with Jack Daniels, brown sugar and butter).  And of course … all served over vanilla ice cream!

Berry Shortcake Bar:  This sweet treat is the perfect way to offer guests cake, with a fun new twist!  Enjoy our delicious sponge cake topped with fresh sliced strawberries, a trio of seasonal berries, fresh whipped cream, and our amazing vanilla crème anglaise.

Chocolate Fondue Bar:  Fresh strawberries, melons, bananas, pound cake, pretzels, and brownies …  all displayed beautifully and ready to be dipped in our mouth-watering chocolate fondue!  So fun!

Mixed Berries in an Almond Shell:  Searching for a plated dessert that will have your guests raving? This delicious and colorful dessert features seasonal berries on top of Loose Mansion’s deliciously famous vanilla sauce, topped with sweetened whipped cream, and an edible candied almond bowl!

Donut Holes and Milk: After dancing the night away, your guests will love this surprise passed late at night!  Original glazed, dark rum glazed, and chocolate dipped donut holes are served with a cold shot of milk.

Have a favorite treat or family recipe you would love to incorporate? Our team will customize menu details with you! These are just a few of our exciting dessert choices that will make your event more enjoyable and memorable!

Post By: Britt Filkins

Photos By: Epaga Foto and Abbey Leigh Photography