Today’s featured wedding and special couple has our hearts melting! Loose Mansion and Loose Park provided an historical backdrop and perfect ambiance for this couple’s love story. Below are a few snippets from their lovely outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, with photography handled by Caroline and Rob Bratney.

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Our couple’s day began with preparations in Loose Mansion’s Bridal Suite and Groom’s Quarters. For those who don’t know, Jacob Loose and his darling wife, Ella, built the mansion with entertaining in mind, and Jacob included ornate details in the woodwork to serve as a constant reminder that he loved her. Today the home is still used for entertaining as it was originally intended, and houses the beginning of many love stories, like Kassie and Jeff’s.

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Following a heartfelt “First Look” at the mansion, Kassie and Jeff made their way to Loose Park for their nuptials. The beautiful Rose Garden has been one of Kansas City’s most popular outdoor wedding sites for years! Loose Park was donated to Kansas City by Ella Loose in loving memory of her husband, Jacob. It’s the perfect backdrop for those dreaming of a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

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We love coordinating ceremonies, no matter if they take place outside at a park (weather permitting) or inside Loose Mansion! With Loose Mansion standing by to provide a Plan B ceremony site, Kassie and Jeff had no worries whatsoever about the weather! And what a beautiful morning they got!


Kassie and Jeff were singers who traveled the world together on a cruise ship, and it was no surprise that they planned a wedding day that was unique and memorable for their guests! They opted for a delicious brunch buffet, including Chocolate and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast, Warm Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Style Sausage Gravy, Crispy Apple Smoked Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, a fruit display with Seasonal Berries and Yogurt Dipping Sauce, and Cinnamon Rolls that will not be forgotten! We also helped the bride surprise the groom with a Croque Madame, a favorite of his from their travels! In place of cake, we served an assortment of mini pies, including Chocolate Cream, Mixed Berry and Apple. Everyone lucky enough to be present was all smiles over this meal and these two celebrating their love at Loose!

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We aren’t the only ones noticing this couple’s striking day! These two and their Saturday brunch wedding ceremony and reception were recently featured on Southern Weddings Blog. Their video, shot by Creative Films, showcasing Loose Mansion, Loose Park, and their love story, can be found here!

Post by: Britt Filkins