It’s too early to start thinking about autumn, especially when the heat has just arrived to Kansas City this summer! “Tropical Whimsy” was our plan for Loose Mansion’s Tasting Party held for our clients last week who were selecting menus for their upcoming events.

We have a fun and always growing stash of great linens and beautiful décor pieces at the mansion! For this event, we started with black-on-black and white-on-white striped table linens, and some black and white chair bows, to give an elegant, modern feeling to the room but also behave as a neutral to make sure centerpieces would pop. To start a grouping of items for the centerpieces, we selected a few favorite candle holders that are elegant, but still neutral. One of these we created using large wine glasses with a tea light inside and topped by a lantern shade. Adorable! Next, our staff spray painted some pineapples with silvery/gold spray paint. (Let your first light spray sit for a few days and then hit them again for a good cover.) Then, we added touches of bright summer colors everywhere! We used yellow, orange, red and pink ranunculus, and let them bloom out for a few days so they were big and bright for the event. Our delicate little bud vases were perfect for these. We also used a few pops of light green hydrangea to accent, along with sea foam green napkins, and some multi-colored paper dots. Then, we mixed things up on the tables, changing items and colors from table to table! What else? We added a pineapple tower to display fruit and cheese skewers, and invented a playlist using Cuban, Brazilian and Reggae music to set the mood! It was a fun night at Loose Mansion!

IMG_8648 IMG_8657 IMG_8666 IMG_8669

IMG_8691 IMG_8685 IMG_8693

Our staff will enjoy helping you create your vision for our space! No vision in mind? No worries! Feel free to leave it to our professional planning staff! Every event at Loose Mansion is beautiful!

And, oooh la la … did you notice our new sparkly chandeliers?!

(Note: to give you some idea of costs to do the above décor if you’ve booked your event at the mansion, depending on number of tables involved, your total costs for upgraded linens, chair bows and flowers would likely be less than $300! Everything else is included in your Packaged Rental Fee!)